AfTIAS Project 2.0

AfTIAS 2.0 has three main objectives:

  1. Increasing level of intra-regional trade, consequently Improving market access,
  2. Increasing Arab integration into global value chains, consequently Removing supply side constraints.
  3. Making international trade more inclusive of disadvantaged groups.

AfTIAS 2.0’s implementation approach focuses on:

  1. Trade Development and Competitiveness
  2. Inclusivity Support
  3. Regional Investment Proposal Preparation
  4. Reverse Linkage (IsDB Mechanism)
  5. Research and Surveys

Till 27th of Nov. 2023 AfTIAS Program has approved 21 technical assistance, regional studies and capacity building projects at both national and regional level provided to 9 Countries ( 16 projects ) and 5 Regional Institutions ( 5 projects ) of total budget 7,794,954 USD.

AfTIAS projects are generally focusing on key topics of the global development agenda such as; Poverty reduction, Food security, Women and Youth economic empowerment and other development-oriented subjects.

AfTIAS projects also promote regional cooperation and south-south cooperation in its interventions through experience sharing.