Partner With Us

The AfTIAS 2.0 is a partnership Program bringing together Arab countries and funding and development partners, aligning efforts toward a single, mutually desirable goal:

“to create more inclusive environment for international trade in the Arab region through the creation of opportunities for employment”

Jobs for youth and women

A specific focus of AfTIAS 2.0 is to create jobs for youth and women, thereby alleviating the negative impact of COVID-19 in the Arab region, contributing to stability and attenuating migration pressures.

Financial support

In addition to the crucial financial support, many of ITFC’s partners, supporting AfTIAS 2.0 Program, also provide technical assistance, experience and expertise to Arab countries in these challenging times (COVID-19).

Trade works for all Arab countries

AfTIAS Program was established on a simple principle: trade works for all Arab countries when it is aligned with their priorities and assists to address the identified trade-related constraints.